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Ralph Steadman | William Burroughs

Ralph Steadman | William Burroughs

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Description: Lithograpgh with Polaroids & bullet holes

Size: 112 x 77 cm

Edition: 10 editions of 10 (This is J 5/10)

Authenticity: Signed & Numbered by the Artists

While Steadman’s work with Hunter Thompson may largely define his career, another notable collaboration with a literary figure, William S. Burroughs, also proved fruitful many years later. In 1995, Steadman brought together his own illustrations with Burroughs love of guns, asking the octogenarian writer to blast holes in original Steadman creations.

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have video from later in the day, when the group drove “out to Burrough’s friends place outside town, where he does his shooting.” Once there, “Burroughs, Steadman and his wife Anna and Burroughs’ entourage take turns blazing away with .33s, .45s, pump-action shotguns and Saturday-
night specials at a variety of targets,” including Steadman’s art. That would be something to see. We’ll have to settle for the art itself, and Steadman’s fascinating demonstration below of his approach to portraiture.

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